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Have you ever wondered about your adoption story? Has there ever been doubt, fear, anger, pain or confusion when it comes up? What’s it been like for you to process your personal experience of birth family, loss, grief, race, identity, or even those seemingly benign curiosities about your narrative that come up from time to time?

For parents, of course you want to help your children as they embark on that path. This can often feel uncertain or overwhelming, with so many subtle nuances that feel way too complicated to handle without appropriate support.

I’m so thankful you’re here.

We help adoptees, parents, and the ones who support them navigate the complexities of adoption through counseling, coaching, stories and education.

Because every adoptee on the planet needs access to someone who understands.

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Years ago, I was wrapping up a week of summer camp, watching a hundred or so Korean adoptees sit on the floor as each of their groups took turns to present to parents what they had built or worked on all week.

Have you ever been to a “culture camp”?

Martial arts, a special dance, a song, etc. It was really hot, those huge metal fans helped a little but I think everyone was still sweating.

Looking out over the crowd I saw a little guy get up to do his thing and my heart stopped. Felt that lump in my throat, you know that feeling you get just before you begin to weep uncontrollably? In tears, I managed to catch a (suuuper blurry) picture the exact moment this was all happening for me.

I thought back to when I was his age, three or four feet tall, trying to make sense of the world and everything in it, completely clueless about how to articulate emotions and loss and grief and pain and loneliness and wonder, confusion, questions, culture and belonging, faith and hope. Oblivious. It hurt, and I was just a little body running all over the place.

Who could have helped? I’m not sure. That’s one of the reasons why I’m here today. Because maybe, there’s a person out there right now who’s struggling to figure their stuff out. Or maybe there’s someone you love who needs your help to support them on that path. Does that resonate with you?

It’s a courageous and good work to process those emotions, discover identities and belonging, uncover the power of story, and become liberated from the constraints and barriers often related to adoption.

We are excited, privileged, and committed to helping the adoption community connect and grow strong through our counseling services, along with adoption-sensitive workshops and trainings, so that for the first or hundredth time (both are therapeutic), you’d sit back or rise up in the relief of knowing you’re not alone.

We’re on a journey to connect every adopte
on the planet with the support they need.

Thanks for joining Therapy Redeemed; together we’re building that community.

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Meet Cameron Lee Small, MS, LPCC

Every adoptee on the planet needs access to someone who gets it; to help them run and not grow weary, to walk and not be faint. The good news is you’ve already got strength. And I want to help renew it SO THAT you would press on toward the incredible goals you were meant to achieve.


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