5 Ideas to Help Our Clients Reconcile Death

Friend: "Yeah, we saw Bruce Lee's grave." Me: "Really? He's buried there?" Friend: "Yeah man, right next to his son." It felt casual to talk about death in this conversation with a friend about his recent visit to Seattle. Bruce Lee feels far away from me in some ways, from a far away time, a far away context. Not the...[ read more ]

4 Therapy Principles from “Crazy Rich Asians” (Part 2)

Did you see it yet!!!?? Last week I shared the first of "4 Therapy Principles from 'Crazy Rich Asians' (Part 1)" Initial first impressions that gripped my heart during the movie; inspired me to think about how they'd shape a client's experience in my therapy space. My hope is they'd inspire experiences in yours. My first point was about connection....[ read more ]

4 “Back-to-School” STRATEGIES We Could Start Using TODAY!!

I got into this profession to create spaces and provide mentorship I wish I had when I was younger. I was a Korean American Adoptee born in the 80s, raised in Wisconsin, wasn't much to choose from. I remember my fall semester 2011, exhausted, weeping, daily, in a dimly lit basement lab on campus, for about 2 weeks, buried alive...[ read more ]

4 Therapy Principles from “Crazy Rich Asians” (Part 1)

Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News (featured photo credit: TED Blog) Crazy Rich Asians has been one of the best films of the year, perhaps of the decade. Seen it yet? Imperfect as it is, I think it's still one of the best for a million reasons but especially for its representation of minority communities. From my first impression, here's just one theme...[ read more ]

3 Resources for Attachment Discussion

photo credit: The Wrap I often hear parents voice concerns about their child's "mis-behavior," but then yell and say mean things at their children in the same 50-minute session (and most likely at home every single day). This is a real tough place to be y'all, and yet here we are, working on it together, no shame or judgment, only our...[ read more ]

Why Every Therapist Needs a Cubs Fan

Dear client, Have you ever met a Chicago Cubs fan? They’re diehard. There’s no stopping them. They’re cheering and you can’t convince them otherwise. They set the standard for what it looks like for a person to support an idea, a cause, a family, a group, someone other than themselves, no matter the outcome. They won’t stop. That doesn’t mean...[ read more ]

Marvel Fans Ask THESE 5 Questions During Session

photo credit: Letterboxd Have you ever just wanted your clients to change immediately? Week after week, discouraged, frustrated, bored. Even just desperate for your clients to get their “aha” moment over with so they could finally get to living the amazing life they were created for… How many more sessions will this take!!?? I’m so guilty and insensitive. This is why...[ read more ]

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